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Help - I haven't booked any music for my ceremony

This is something I experience frequently - panicked brides, grooms or even mothers of the bride contacting me as they have realised that they haven't thought of music for the ceremony. I have even been contacted 2 days before a wedding to perform at a ceremony. Fortunately as they wanted 2 songs during the signing of the register I was able to fit them in before another ceremony which was luckily 2 hours later and only 10 minutes drive away.

Often in the mad planning of a wedding couples forget to think about whether they would like music at their ceremony or think they are restricted to traditional wedding pieces especially if planning a Church Wedding - think wedding, think 'Here Comes the Bride'.

With so many ceremonies being held in different venues today, couples have so many more options and music can really be personalised. I frankly prefer to play music that the couple likes rather than what they think they ought to request. The choice of ceremony musicians is so extensive - harpist, pianist, sax player, vocalist,choir, string quartet etc it can be overwhelming to decide but most will play a range of different styles of music and learn that special song you request.

Hearing a special song can make your ceremony even more special for so many reasons. You might choose a song that means something to you as a couple and hearing that song as you walk down the aisle can help calm those wedding nerves. You might choose to have a piece that was played at your parents/ grandparents wedding performed at some point during the ceremony which can be a lovely tribute to family members. Music during the signing of the register can help fill in any awkward silences and might even encourage guests to sing along!

Please remember, however, that if a musician has to learn a new piece they need some notice especially during the busy summer wedding season. Every musician needs time to practise each new song, sourcing the music and in some cases backing tracks and will often charge extra to cover their time especially if booked last minute. So don't leave it to the last minute to book your ceremony musician.

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